NAAS AFC – Soccer Academy will return in line with Government guidelines

One of the most enjoyable and successful ventures for all involved at NAAS AFC.

When is it on?  Sundays 9-10 am

Who can join in? Girls and Boys, from 5 years to 8 years, whether already on Teams, or just looking to learn, practice, and play.

Where is it on? NAAS AFC – Naas Sports Centre – Caragh Road. It is run on both the grass and astro pitches.

What do I wear? Runners, astro boots, or football boots (NO metal studs). Shinpads are required. Please bring YOUR DRINK, preferably water.


The Academy focuses on the FUN in the Fundamental Stage of Football coaching for the younger age group.

Our Aim: Naas AFC follow Guided Discovery principles of learning. From the 1st day, NAAS AFC Academy set itself the goal of providing all players with a Ball, and a Bib.


The younger players will get used to playing with a ball at their feet, the basic controlling and passing skills, and enjoying games and small matches with their friends.

Progression then takes the players on to learn more about ball control, using both feet, and spatial awareness. All players are encouraged to think about ‘fair play’ and respect both themselves and Others.

Once players reach the age of 7, they get a chance to join a team and enter into the Leagues. It is important to note that teams require coaches, managers and general support and parents are very welcome to volunteer; however, the Head Coach and the Committee will make the final decision on team development.

The Academy also caters for those who don’t start playing at the age of 5 or 6, and they are encouraged to use the Academy to develop their skills until they are comfortable enough to join a Team.


The Academy Coaches come from volunteer coaches who are generally parents and also receive the support of players from our underage and senior teams. Grass roots soccer and player development is based on reciprocity and Naas AFC welcome participation from all members.

Almost all of the Academy Coaches have been through the FAI’s Kick Start I & II or PDP 1 coaching course, which covers coaching players from 6 – 9 years.

Additionally we have Club Coaches who have attained FAI Youth Cert, Coerver Youth Cert and UEFA B licences.

The Academy is the first step into a life of playing the beautiful game.

For further details and information on Academy registration fees, please contact: Mark- 0834571851 [NAAS AFC ACADEMY]